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Hamro Dictionary is an online Nepali Dictionary made available by Hamropathshala Team. It consists of almost all of the Nepali Words (more than 58367 Nepali Words ) and their meaning in Nepali (and in some words English meaning and alternative words). It is digital system where you can get the exact meaning of each word by using search feature (with fuzzy search feature). Moreover derived words is another feature of this dictionary i.e. words derived from base word and the word from which current word is derived can be found. Moreover the dictionary features parts of speech and word formation details. The whole dictionary is in Unicode format so its compatible with most systems and is easily searchable. This dictionary was initially build upon the Nepali Brihat Shabdakosh and many users have contributed much to the dictionary to bring it to this state.

You can search the dictionary by typing Nepali words in Unicode in the search box below:

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